Summer vacation in the Venosta valley

Between special summit experiences and historic Waalwege

Summer vacation in the Vinschgau means discovering one of the most beautiful hiking areas in South Tyrol. The Venosta valley holiday and cultural region in South Tyrol is characterized by a special dry climate with lots of sunshine, mild temperatures and the famous Vinschger wind. While the lush green vegetation predominates on the Nördersberg, the barren slopes of the dry sunny mountain develop a flora and fauna that is unique in the Alps. These two contrasting landscapes form one of the most diverse hiking areas in South Tyrol.

In autumn and spring, hiking in the Vinschgau is particularly popular with mild temperatures. The Sonnenberg remains mostly snow-free even in winter and is probably one of the few mountains in the Alps that allow hikes even in the cold season. During the summer holiday in the Vinschgau, the more shady paths on the green, water-rich Nördersberg in South Tyrol are preferred. The year-round walkways, which run along the old irrigation channels without any noteworthy incline through the valley, are very popular. They are particularly suitable for families and leisurely hikers who want to spend a relaxing summer holiday in the Venosta Valley.

The Latscher Almen and the high alpine Martell valley:

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